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October Sketchathon

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Something that has always been important to me as an artist is the simple act of drawing. Too often drawing or sketching gets pushed aside to work on one of my major art projects, and I felt like I had to incorporate more drawing/sketching into my art routine. So, in late September I made a promise to myself that in October I would try my hardest to draw once a day for the entire month! I felt that if I could succeed at this, not only would I end up with 31 drawings completed, but more importantly I would be getting a lot of practice in, and practice makes better!

Below is the collection of drawings/sketches that I completed in the month of October, and unfortunately I did not reach my goal of 31 drawings. But I don't see that as a failure, I see it as I took the time and completed (or worked on) 10 drawings. The goal of this entire endeavor was to just get more art time in daily, to continue practicing my craft and to try new techniques as well, and I'm actually pretty happy with the results.

(1) Harris's Hawk drawn in ink on toned paper (2) A chestnut I found, drawn in graphite (3) Hand study, drawn in graphite (4) Plant specimen I found, drawn in graphite (5) Apple study, drawn in ink on toned paper, with colored pencil on top (6) Harris's Hawks drawing, drawn in charcoal on toned board (7) Green sea turtle skull drawing, drawn in graphite (8) Hand study, drawn in graphite


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